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2020-2021 Academic Course Quick List

2020-2021 Course Guide

2019-2020 Textbook List

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Fine, Applied Arts & Technology

Drafting and Design I, II & III
Computer Graphics & Digital Imaging (CGDI)
Advanced Computer Graphics (Adv. CGDI)
Introduction to Art
Drawing and Painting
Digital Photography
Ensemble Band
Music Appreciation
Music Theory


English Foundations (9th)
Honors English Foundation (9th)
United States Literature (10th)
Honors United States Literature (10th)
British Literature (11th)
Honors British Literature (11th)
World Literature  (12th)
AP English Literature & Language (12th)
Speech (required semester class)
Broadcasting (semester or year class)
Journalism  (Yearbook)
Editorial Journalism (Yearbook editor)
Creative Writing (semester class)

World Languages

French I, II, III & IV
Latin I, II, III & IV
Spanish I, II, III & IV
AP Spanish
Note: Two credits of the same language are required for graduation


Algebra 1
Honors Algebra 1
Honors Geometry
Adaptive Algebra 2
Algebra 2
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
Consumers Math
AP Calculus

Physical Education

Personal Fitness
Team Sports

Note: One semester of a physical education class (individual sports, team sports, or personal fitness) is required for graduation. This Physical Education requirement may be waived by participating in two seasons of a school approved sport or four years of marching band and completing & submitting the PE waiver form.


Physical Science (9th)
Chemistry (10th)
Honors-PreAP Chemistry (10th)
Biology (11th)
Honors-PreAP Biology (11th)
Ecology & Environmental Stewardship
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Health (graduation requirement, semester)

Social Studies

World History (9th)
United States History (10th)
Economics (required semester class)
Government (required semester class)
AP United States History
AP Government
AP European History
AP Microeconomics
Elective - Geography (semester class)


Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture (9th)
The Identity and Mission of Jesus Christ - Christology (9th)
The Mission of Jesus Continues through the Church and Sacraments (10th)
Catholic Morality (10th)
Christian Justice (11th)
Church History/Ecclesiology (11th)
Philosophy & Theology (12th)
Faith & Spirituality (12th)
Honors Philosophy & Theology (12th)
Elective - Christian Leadership (semester class)

Note: One half credit of Theology is required for each semester a student attends Lansing Catholic.

Honors Classes

Starting freshman year, students are permitted to enroll in Honors classes at Lansing Catholic High School.  These courses are taught at a faster pace than our typical college preparatory courses so more material is covered.  Placement in freshman Honors classes is based on middle school grades and teacher recommendations as well as LCHS's bypass exam scores in select subjects.  Placement in sophomore, junior, and senior Honors classes is based upon grades and teacher recommendation.

Advancement Placement (AP) Classes

Lansing Catholic High School offers 16 Advanced Placement courses for college credit.  A college level curriculum is taught in an Advanced Placement course. Each May, AP students take the national Advanced Placement exam in the subject areas for which they've taken AP classes.  If the student scores a 3 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5, then the student is almost always granted college credit and/or waiver by the college where the student will attend.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment through Michigan State University and Lansing Community College are available to senior students after all graduation requirements have been completed.  For more information, contact your assigned counselor at Lansing Catholic High School.

Wilson Talent Center

Students may enroll in Wilson Talent Center programs in addition to taking LCHS courses.  For more information, contact your assigned counselor at Lansing Catholic High School.

Michigan Virtual Classes

A selection of Michigan Virtual classes are also available. Please view our course guide for more details. These courses are offered through a shared time program with Brighton Public Schools and vary as to what is offered each school year.

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