Is it required that students be Catholic to attend Lansing Catholic High School?

No, while Lansing Catholic High School is a Catholic school, we are open to any student who wants a faith-based high-quality education and wants to know God better in his/her life. All of our students are required to take a Theology class each semester and attend Mass weekly at LCHS.

Can students transfer into Lansing Catholic High School?

Yes, it is possible to transfer into LCHS. Please visit our transfer student page and contact our admissions office for additional information on transferring a student to LCHS at 517-267-2102 or admissions@lansingcatholic.org.

What transportation options exist?

Many of our families carpool students to LCHS. Students who can drive must register their car with our main office and are assigned a parking space in our student lot. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:00am each morning. Families interested in public school busing to and from LCHS should contact Lansing School District to inquire about their busing schedule and be added to the busing list if their timing coordinates with our school day (7:55am to 3:02pm).

What are typical class sizes?

Our average class size is 18 and our student to teacher ratio is 15:1.  Most of our required classes have approximately 14-24 students.  Our elective courses often have smaller class sizes.

Are there any additional costs aside from tuition?

There is an initial application fee, which increases after January 31st.  Once accepted, there is an enrollment fee, which increases after February 28th. 

A $250 student activities fee and a $50 technology fee can be rolled into tuition payments or paid separately.  Families must also purchase textbooks and school uniforms for their students. The total cost for books and uniforms ranges from $200-400 depending on if the family purchases digital or hardcover books as well as used books and uniforms from other families.  Additionally, please note that LCHS athletics are not  "pay to play" - all are welcome!

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes, all financial assistance is determined by financial need. Families must apply through FACTS to be eligible for any financial assistance at LCHS. To be eligible for the maximum amount of financial assistance and grant opportunities, families must apply to FACTS by March 1st each school year. Families will still be eligible for financial assistance through LCHS after this priority deadline, but will miss all Diocese of Lansing grants. Please visit our financial assistance page and contact our tuition office for more information at 517-267-2107 or tuition@lansingcatholic.org.

Are uniforms required?

Students are required to wear a uniform purchased only from My Aplus Uniforms at Lansing Catholic High School. Choices include (all with the LCHS cross logo): polo-style shirts (columbia blue, navy or white) or oxford shirts (white or blue), khaki or black pants, and for girls, khaki, black or plaid skirts. Young men must also wear a belt everyday. LCHS black quarter zip pullovers may be worn as well. For specific details on the uniform dress code and what is acceptable when students may be in casual dress visit our student handbook. My Aplus Uniforms is located at 3320 W. Saginaw in Lansing, MI 48917. The store phone number is 517-803-4782 and uniforms can also be ordered online.

Where can I purchase textbooks?

LCHS provides families with a book list of ISBN numbers for all of its courses each summer.  Once you have your student’s schedule, you may purchase books from any source including other families and online.  LCHS also offers families an opportunity to swap and purchase books from each other each summer at the annual LCHS Used Book and Uniform Sale in our cafeteria.

How can I become a substitute teacher at Lansing Catholic High School?

Substitute teachers in the State of Michigan need to have 90 credit hours. Substitutes in the Diocese of Lansing also need to be electronically fingerprinted, have a criminal background check completed and attend Virtus training. For more information and for the appropriate paperwork contact our HR Coordinator, Mrs. Mary Blair: mary.blair@lansingcatholic.org or 517-267-2130.

When is the school office open?
During the school year, the main office hours are 7:30am to 3:30pm. The school office is closed on major holidays and the week of July 4. The main office phone number is 517-267-2100 and fax number is 517-267-2135.
How can I get a copy of my transcripts from LCHS?
To legally release transcript information, a request must be submitted in person or by writing to our main office. To request a transcript in writing, please use our transcript request form.


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