Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

All school families are encouraged to participate in the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program or TRIP. TRIP is a great way to reduce your tuition cost simply by doing your everyday shopping. Tuition credits earned through the TRIP program can amount to several hundred dollars each school year! 

Register online today at with the enrollment code 761CB4BE158 to designate Lansing Catholic High School.

Hard card orders are placed on the first Tuesday of the month with payment by 8:30 am will be available for pick up after 3:00 pm on Fridays. If the front door of the school is locked please ring the doorbell.

You can order reloads of cards and e-cards anytime.

Read or download full TRIP policies online here. Sign up for our TRIP program by completing this form

Tuition credit will be posted three times annually. Credits earned from April 1 through May 31 will be posted in early July towards next year’s first tuition payment due in July. Credits earned from June 1 through November 30th will be posted in December. Credits earned from December 1 through March 30 will be posted in April. If the credit amount earned is less than $10.00 in each period, it will not be posted to the tuition account of the participant and will go towards the scholarship fund. Credits are earned on the date the order is processed.

If you leave the school, the accrued credits are not transferable or refundable. TRIP or RaiseRight credits earned at other area parishes or schools and forwarded to Lansing Catholic High School on your behalf are treated like tuition payments on your account. If you have questions about the amount of those credits or when they will be applied to your account, please call the TRIP/RaiseRight coordinator at your parish or school. 

If you have any questions, please you can call LCHS Tuition Advisor: Renee Fischman at 517-267-2107.