Service as a Way of Life 

Lansing Catholic High School aims to help our students and our wider community understand service as an integral part of the Christian life. We accomplish this in two different ways. First, we help students understand what it means to provide service to our school. This happens mostly through our Ambassadors program and National Honors Society and is fairly limited in scope. The second way is much more universal, service to our wider community. This second way is the primary focus of our service requirement.

Mobile Food Pantry

Throughout the year, typically in August, December, and April, Lansing Catholic High School hosts the City of Lansing's Mobile Food Pantry. During the food pantry, we will provide breakfast and hospitality for nearly 2000 people, and we will help distribute food to over 600 households. 


Service is so important that we cancel classes for a day to be of service to the community in our annual Work-a-Thon above and beyond the service our students regularly perform. Faculty, staff, and parents are also involved in the day as we help 30+ agencies in the greater-Lansing area each year since 2004. 

Christian Service Requirement

Our typical requirement for students is 80 hours of service prior to graduation, with a recommendation of completing at least 20 hours per year. However, due to the 2020 stay-at-home order, we have reduced that number to 70 for the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Students will use MobileServe to enter and track service completed and must have service verified by an adult supervisor.  Students log in to MobileServe simply using their school Google account.  An app is available in the app store.

Any student who completes over 200 hours of service will earn the Service Distinction Award upon graduation.


How many hours are students required to complete?

Students are required to complete 80 hours of service.

The only exceptions are for the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Due to the stay at home mandate of 2020, students in these classes are required to complete 70 hours of service.

When can incoming freshmen begin logging service hours?

Hours served after 8th grade graduation can count towards the service requirement.

Do mission trips or summer camps count for service?

All week-long commitments like mission trips and camps count for a maximum of 20 hours of service.

Can service during Sunday Mass count toward the requirement?

Things like altar serving, singing in the choir, being a sacristan, being a lector or Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist can count toward the service requirement. However, each Sunday Mass can only count for 15 minutes of service, even though Mass obviously is longer than that.

What things do NOT count as service?

There are a number of services that students might provide that do NOT fulfill our requirement:

  • Service for any organization whose activities are in opposition to our Catholic faith.
  • Service for a political campaign.
  • Service that directly benefits a for-profit organization.
  • Service that directly benefits an organization to which you already belong, with the exception of your parish.
  • Service for your immediate family.
  • Service already counted towards NHS and/or Ambassadors.


If you are unsure if your service counts toward the requirement, contact the Service Coordinator.


Where can I complete my service?

Service must fall within one of the five categories below:

  • Catholic Church or School
  • Lansing Catholic High School
  • Lansing Catholic Mission Trip
  • Non-Profit Agency or Event
  • Personal Project*

    *A personal project must be something that has been approved by the Campus Ministry Team.


What if I have a different question?

Any other questions about service should be directed to our service coordinator, Ms. Liz Webster.

Helpful Links

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