Logos and Trademarks


The design of each registered Lansing Catholic logo must remain intact.  No alterations, additions, or deletions to any part of the logo are permitted without written permission from the Marketing Coordinator.

The TM notice is part of the logo and must be included in the place indicated on each logo.  The use of more than one specific type of Lansing Catholic logo in a particular publication or flyer is discouraged.

Acceptable colors for Lansing Catholic logos are solid Columbia blue, white, black, and silver, used individually or in a combination of the four.


Recognizing there are many shades of blue, the color considered “Cougar Blue” is a Columbia blue listed as the following:

Pantone #542 in the Pantone Formula Guide Color Deck for publications, T-shirts, and novelty items.

Approval Process

All requests for logos/registered names use must be made in writing, preferably by email, at least two weeks in advance of the inquirer’s deadline.  The request should include:

  •  Applicant’s name, organization, title, and contact information;
  •  Specific logo/name requested;
  •  Purpose (group fundraiser, partnership identification, promotion, school event, etc.);
  •  Medium in which it will be used (on clothing, novelty items, in flyers, publications, etc.);

All logo/name requests for use in publications – including flyers, advertisements, websites, etc. – should be directed to the Advancement Department.