Ms. Nelson and Ms. Schleenbaker (Ms. S) are trained to work with all grades in regards to Academic (scheduling, standardized exams, organization, etc.), Social Emotional Learning (anxiety, depression, parent separation/divorce, etc.), and College and Career Preparation (college visits, applying, resumes, AP/honors, etc.).  

Ms. Nelson and Ms. S are here for students and their families daily during regular school hours.  Students will have access to the counselors via individual meetings (students can sign-up for a meeting through their counselor’s Calendly), underclassmen SEL guidance lesson plans, and Career Counseling guidance lesson plans.  If you are a parent or legal guardian, please call or email your student’s counselor; the respected counselor will set up a phone or in-person meeting with you.

Counseling Staff

Ms. Melissa Nelson

B.S. Psychology - Aquinas College

M.A. Counselor Education: School Counseling - University of Toledo


Office Phone: (517) 267-2151

Ms. Jenna Schleenbaker

B.A. Psychology - Southern Adventist University

M.A. School Counseling - Andrews University


Office Phone: (517) 267-2117

Special Services provided by Counseling

College and Career Counseling

For College and Career Counseling, students should speak with their assigned counselor:

Seniors, please use the Streamlining - Naviance for Seniors! Google Doc. This is a step-by-step guide for Logging into Naviance, adding colleges to your Naviance, how to request transcripts, and how to request teacher and staff letters of recommendation!

Also, if you have yet to create your Common App account, please follow this step-by-step guide: Streamlining - Common App Account.  This will walk you through creating an account, adding schools, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Waiver.


Use the College and Career Scholarships link to view scholarship opportunities. Be aware of scholarship requirements and deadlines! 

SEL - (Social and Emotional Learning)

SEL is an integral part of our mission statement at LCHS of forming students spiritually, intellectually, and socially. We provide SEL predominately through classroom guidance lessons and small groups. These SEL lessons are tailored to fit the developmental stages or each grade. The 5 core competencies of SEL we promote are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship skills and Responsible Decisions-Making. 

PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership Services)

PALS is an effective program that provides comprehensive training for students to help develop positive, supportive, and helpful peer relationships in their schools.  PALS are trained in listening skills, problem-solving, one-on-one listening, decision making, conflict resolution skills, and when and how to tell an adult (confidentiality).

Students who wish to speak with a PAL, fill out the One-on-One Request Form.  This form will be checked at least every Monday morning before school begins.  *If you have an immediate issue/concern about yourself or others, please contact your school counselor or trusted adult immediately*

Short-term Individual and Group Counseling 

The counselors have counseling caseloads but provide social and emotional support to all LCHS students. Students can be referred to the counselors by teachers or parents. If you would like your student to talk with a counselor please email or call your respective counselor.

Cougar Learning Resource Center

The Cougar Learning Resource Center (CLRC) offers academic support for students who qualify for special education services.  We believe all students with the right support can reach their full potential.  All students are unique learners with strengths and areas of need.  All students also need to be prepared to be responsible men and women in their community.  A one-size-fits-all education is not an appropriate model for teaching students with differing gifts.  The CLRC provides an environment that will assist all students to realize and meet their God-given talents.

Students admitted to the CLRC must submit documentation with LCHS admission that includes:

  1. Professional diagnosis/psychometric testing
  2. History of accommodation and a copy of existing IEP/ Service Plan, 504 Plan, or school’s Official Accommodation Plan

The CLRC is an elective credit for qualifying students and will count toward graduation requirements.

Electives offered through the Cougar Learning Resource Center:

Mastery Skills

  • Students with a 504 Plan/IEP/Service Plan or Official Accommodation Plan are eligible to take Mastery Skills as an elective. In order to access this course, a student must have a diagnosed disability that negatively impacts their learning and requires accommodations for them to be successful. Students will work on organizational strategies, study skills, and classwork from any academic subject.  This course may be taken in first or second semester or for the full school year.

Special Services provided through the CLRC

  • Lansing Public Schools teacher-consultant develops the IEP Non-Public Service Plan for those that qualify and LCHS maintains it.
  • Development and maintenance of an Educational Plan
  • Read test/quizzes aloud
  • Provide quiet room for testing
  • Extended time for testing 
  • Request accommodations on standardized tests: SAT, ACT, and AP Testing
  • Encourage the use of assistive technology such as personal laptops, audiobooks online, apps, etc.
  • Monitor daily assignments and due dates
  • Assist in the development of organizational skills and scheduling of classes
  • Services to be determined by testing results and teacher recommendations