Applying for Admission & Enrolling are two DIFFERENT things

If you would like to apply to attend Lansing Catholic High School, please click here. Enrollment takes place after a student has been accepted.

Enrollment Information

Current LCHS students do not need to complete a new admissions application each school year; however, current families must re-enroll  their students each school year by completing an online enrollment packet and paying an enrollment fee. The online enrollment packet and course requests will be made through the FACTS Family Portal.

Enrollment Links for 2024-2025

Course Requests:

Additional Resources:


Parent Checklist for 2024-2025 Enrollment & Course Requests

1) Late January - Complete Online Enrollment in FACTS 

Login to your FACTS Family Portal Account

  • Click on Apply/Enroll, then click on Enrollment/Re-enrollment to open your student's enrollment packet.
  • Only one parent can access and complete the online enrollment packet. If you do not see the online enrollment packet for your student(s) or would like the packet switched to another parent, please contact:
  • All current LCHS Families already have a FACTS Family Portal account. New incoming 9th grade families will need to first create an account.
  • The enrollment fee is paid online after you have reviewed your online enrollment packet. Course requests will not be finalized until the enrollment fee has been paid.

2) January & February - Conversation with your Student(s)

Teachers and students have already begun talking about course requests and teacher recommendations for next school year. Connect with your student and discuss what courses will challenge them, help them progress to graduation and prepare them for their long-term college and career goals. See links to additional resources at the top of this page to assist your conversation and planning.

3) January & February - Enter Course Requests into FACTS

Parents or students can enter course requests for the 2024-2025 school year directly into the FACTS Family Portal until their official course request meeting with our staff. (Honors, AP, 3rd & 4th year languages and Michigan Virtual course requests require a teacher recommendation that our staff will verify is on record before finalizing course requests.) Course requests will close in FACTS on March 15 and will only be accessible by the Registrar after this date.

4) February & March - Student Meeting to Confirm Course Requests

After parents have submitted their student's online enrollment packet with the enrollment fee paid, our Academic Guidance Counselor or Registrar will schedule a meeting to review graduation requirements, teacher recommendations, and finalize course requests with your student. A copy of course requests will be emailed to parents and students in May to review for any errors before the final schedule is built.