Roles were reversed between the boys and girls on Friday, September 24th at Lansing Catholic High School.

The boys are typically the ones on the football field, but on Thursday the girls took over. As a part of homecoming week, powderpuff is a tradition here at Lansing Catholic. Each grade creates a team, represented by a color and coached by the boys. 

“Participants told me about how much fun they had, and how excited they were to bring back homecoming activities after not having them for so long due to COVID,” said Mr. Ronald Krauss, coordinator of the powderpuff event. “Knowing this makes the work of holding the event worth it.”

The Lansing Catholic student body as a whole was beyond excited to be back, and doing events again that COVID had stopped.

“It was good, homecoming events like that really bring our grade together, and give us the opportunity to bond one more time before we all leave for college next year,” Senior Megan DeVarona said.

The seniors and sophomores competed in the final game for the trophy. It was a neck and neck battle with the final score being seniors 22, sophomores 15. 

“I thought it was awesome,” Krauss said. “There was not a single girl on the field or coach who wasn't having an amazing time.”

DeVarona said the final moments of the game were extraordinary.

“The moment when the clock ran out and all the senior players and coaches rushed on the field to celebrate our victory really made my afternoon,” DeVarona said.

Next year, some changes may be made to the homecoming schedule.

“I would rather have all the games on a Thursday, then the championship game separate, so everyone can watch and the crowd gets more into it,” Krauss said.

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