After more than eight weeks on the job, Fr. Joseph Campbell remains excited about his work with Lansing Catholic High School.

While the position is very different than his former post as Parochial Vicar at Saint Patrick Parish in Brighton, he says he is taking the changes in stride. 

“I think any time you get a new job or a new assignment there is definitely some time of transition and it can be a little challenging,” Fr. Joe said. “I think overall coming here was not very stressful, thankfully. It was a big change, though, and it took a while to get used to how different it was from being a parish priest to a chaplain.” 

Fr. Joe has been purposeful in his efforts to learn from every person he can as he continues to shift gears from leading his old parish Masses to doing Mass and adoration every week with the different houses. 

“The house system seems like a great idea to me,” Fr. Joe said. “It's a way of building smaller communities within the school.” 

Fr. Joe also enjoys leading the underclassmen discipleship groups on Thursday mornings before school. 

“It's pretty low-key,” he said. “We basically just get together and do some fun stuff and then, at the end, we usually have some sort of little talk or testimony. It’s usually open-ended, but it's cool. It's a good way for me to get to know some of the younger students who choose to come.” 

Father Joe also has some help from the Campus Ministry Team and the Guardians of the Altar to help him with Masses and adoration. 

“If it wasn't for the Guardians of the Altar I would have a lot more work to do,” Fr. Joe said. “And having servers for the Masses is super helpful just to make sure everything goes more smoothly.”

Overall, Fr. Joe says he loves the new journey God has put him on here at Lansing Catholic. 

“I think Lansing Catholic is a great school,” he said. “I have been very impressed with the teachers, very impressed with the administration; and the student body is also top class. I am pleased to be part of a school that has a very solid Catholic identity.

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