On Monday, September 13th, Lansing Catholic High School had their annual club and activities fair for students to walk around and check out each club they might like to sign up for. Over two dozen clubs and organizations were present. 

Many students were surprised by how many clubs there actually were at our school. This is Lansing Catholic’s way of including everyone and giving plenty of options to students who want to become more involved during after school hours. 

“This year it seems like there are a lot more clubs because the school is allowing more students to start and run their own,” said senior Ava Foster. 

This way of allowing students to take the lead really expands opportunities for anyone who wants to use their leadership skills and start something they think others might enjoy and want to be a part of too. 

“It’s crazy how many clubs there are, I didn’t even know about half of them,” said sophomore Annie Tietsort. 

After two years of the pandemic, students are eager to get back into their afterschool activities. School leaders are urging students to branch out and try something new, suggesting club leaders are always receptive to sharing details and additional information. 


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