Lansing Catholic High School has expanded the Campus Ministry team this year to include five college-age interns. 

These interns help with our Thursday morning discipleship groups and model living the faith after high school. They also provide a support system for our students as they seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

“The discipleship group alone has been a great blessing to me, and with the new internship opportunities for local college students, the group has grown and become more vulnerable with each other,” junior Manuel Roznowski shared. “The interns...are not just role-models, they are also friends that we can grow with and bring along on our journey towards greatness.” 

Last school year, we explored different ways to expand our team's ability to equip students to live as disciples in a world often antithetical to the Gospel. When college-aged interns came up, the team knew that would be a great opportunity for our students. 

Even though they’ve only met a couple of times, their addition is already valued. Junior Nancy Bareham shared that, “hearing Paul’s testimony helps me remember that we are all still on our journeys of discipleship. It is a humbling and faith-filled thought to me that Paul is still growing, learning, and making mistakes, but God is still using him.” 

Campus Ministry Director Ben Pohl praised the interns, “I couldn't be more excited to kick off this new program with these five faith-filled and on fire disciples!”

Get to know each of our interns below:

Paul Fletcher

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I attended Colaiste Eanna, a Christian Brothers  High School. I graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2018 with a social care degree and moved to Lansing shortly after. I play the drums and speak three languages.

Ciara Regan-Moore

I attend Michigan State University and I’m studying to be a Mechanical Engineer because I would like to design airplane engines. I love camping, hiking, and backpacking and have done so in over 40 states and 15 national parks! 

Noah Larson

I’m a second-year student at Lansing Community College, but I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio! A fun fact about me is that I can play 4 instruments; piano, guitar, drums, and bass (and sing, if that counts)! 

Olivia Harvey

I work as a nanny and an assistant teacher at the Church of the Resurrection preschool. I love to sing, play guitar, and draw (ask me about my current art project, I’m very excited about it) Fun fact: I was a competitive Irish dancer for 8 years!

Khalil Stockling

I'm graduating from MSU with a degree in Neuroscience to go to medical school and become a neurosurgeon. God called me to be His healing hands. I like to draw, play video games and look for God in nature and science.

As we look to the future, we would love to expand this program further by incorporating interns into other Campus Ministry initiatives. If you would like to support this program, please reach out to Ben Pohl or Paula Wilcox