We all know what it feels like to be an outsider. Whether it’s a missing invitation to a long-ago birthday party or event, exclusion from a Regina George-type clique (“on Wednesdays, we wear pink”), or being the poorest player on an athletic team, very few humans in history go from birth to death without feeling left out of something.

Here at Lansing Catholic, we know everybody does their best to include others. Our shared Christian experiences make us naturally more attentive to the thoughts and feelings of the people around us, and nobody wants to be responsible for making someone feel like an outsider, or as a person who’s worth less than anyone else.

When it came to naming this publication, we had lots of choices. While some were funny and others were profound, the one that resonated most with our entire class was the idea of creating relationships through this publication. Of making everyone here feel like a true insider. 

Through this newspaper, we’ll share information to help ensure everyone knows what’s going on at our school (and outside of it). We’ll tell stories that highlight the accomplishments and experiences of our fellow students and the people who teach and support us. And, most of us, we’ll be as inclusive as we can be, so everyone can feel heard and seen.

We’ve already established some principles that will help guide this publication forward:

  • We refuse to print gossip or other news items that could prove hurtful or untrue.
  • We will verify our sources to ensure we’re telling the whole story as accurately as possible.
  • We will make room for student work, letters to the editor, op-ed submissions, and other creative opportunities for diverse voices to be heard.
  • We will treat all information, people, stories, and organizations as respectfully as possible.
  • At times, there may be areas of disagreement between students and school leaders, or among different populations of the student body. We believe this is okay, as points of disagreement often lead to better solutions for everyone within a community. But at no time will we run any information or opinions without giving the other side an opportunity to comment and offer supporting facts for their arguments.

We are so proud to be the founding co-editors of an inclusive, honest, student-led publication like The LCHS Insider. We hope it is fun and informative, and that it enriches the life of the entire Lansing Catholic community for generations to come.

About Lansing Catholic High School

Join the tradition of over 100 years of Catholic education at Lansing Catholic High School. With over 400 students, we are large enough to offer a great variety of classes, activities, and athletics, yet small enough where everyone knows each other. The Lansing Catholic High School community forms students spiritually, intellectually, and socially into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. For information on enrollment and registration at Lansing Catholic, please visit our Admissions Center