On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the LCHS student body was diggin’ it in pink to support their varsity volleyball team.

This event for volleyball happens every year as the community continues to raise awareness for those affected by cancer.

“This is a pillar of the volleyball community and it is special to see this event thrive,” said Ken Hintze, the school’s athletic director.

Dig It In Pink is not just for the fans and the community. It impacts the players too.

“We all have people who are affected by breast cancer, so being able to do this and celebrate them is an awesome experience,” said senior Alivia Castle. 

The volleyball team does not just play for those affected by breast cancer. They go one step further. 

“We as a team create personalized volleyballs that honor people’s names, and that helps us honor the people we love,” Castle said.

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