Lansing Catholic High School held its annual Costume Concert on Thursday, Oct. 28. The band performed for the young trick-or-treaters in the area and prior to the concert, the clubs passed out candy to the kids. 

The Costume Concert is a big deal to the students here at LCHS and everyone looks forward to getting out and socializing with the community.

“I was happy to finally have a concert after two years of not having any because of COVID. It was also nice that we were able to perform for the little kids and see all of their happy faces,” said junior Katrina Wrezinski. 

The concert went well and the young kids were happy to come into the high school and look up to the older kids in the band performing for them. The students here at LCHS are always good role models for the younger kids in the partner schools. 

“This year’s concert did not disappoint at all, even though it was smaller than years before. It’s our favorite event of the year being able to watch the kids perform,” said parent Stephanie VanKoevering, whose son plays in the band. 

This year’s concert seems to be a pretty big hit to the LCHS community and everyone is excited to finally be getting old traditions back. 

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