It is our aim to help students make service an integral part of their lives. 

This happens in two primary ways.

  • Service to the wider community
    • This is the focus of our service requirement (details below).
  • Service to our school
    • This type of service is the focus of two student groups, Ambassadors and National Honor Society.

About our Christian Service Requirement

Volunteer logo Lansing Catholic students must complete and log at least 80 hours of service prior to graduation. Weeklong commitments   (e.g. mission trips, camps) count for a maximum of 20 hours of service. Service hours must be logged in our online portal   at

 What does not count as service?

 To help you better fulfill this call to Christian Service, below are some examples of service that will not be approved:

  •  Service for any organization whose activities are in opposition to our Catholic faith.
  •  Service for a political campaign
  • Service that directly benefits a for-profit organization
  • Service that directly benefits an organization to which you already belong (with the exception of your parish)
  • Service for LCHS (e.g. Ambassadors, NHS, or things like a running a scoreboard for an LCHS event) or for your family

Where can I complete my service?

  • You can complete your service at any non-profit organization that fulfills the above requirements.  Below is a link to a list of pre-approved agencies you might choose from.

Questions about service should be directed to our service coordinator, Ms. DeVries.

Helpful Links

Mobile Food Pantry

Saturday, April 18, 2020 LCHS will host the City of Lansing's Mobile Food Pantry. During the food pantry, we will provide breakfast and hospitality for nearly 2000 people, and we will help distribute food to over 600 households. 


Service is so important that we cancel classes for a day to be of service to the community in our annual work-a-thon above and beyond the service our students regularly perform. Faculty, staff, and parents are also involved in the day as we help 30+ agencies in the greater-Lansing area. Our 2020 work-a-thon is scheduled for Friday, May 1. Parents and alumni who wish to volunteer for work-a-thon, or agencies who would like to be involved, should contact Ms. DeVries.

80 service hours
Hours of Service Completed by each Student
Work-a-Thons Completed

LCHS has completed 16 work-a-thons performing community service in the Lansing community

5 Mission Trips Offered This Year
Mission Trips Offered Each Year

Contact Us

Ms. Stacia DeVries
Service Coordinator