2021-2022 Student Handbook

Dress Code

Lansing Catholic Dress Code Information

All clothing worn to school-sponsored functions must be neat, clean and modest. Any clothing that has been altered in any way to change the original appearance will not be considered in compliance with the dress code.

Nor​mal School Day Uniform Attire

The LCHS Uniform is provided by My Aplus Uniforms.  All students must be in My Aplus uniform clothing.  Choices include (all with the LCHS cross logo): polo-style shirts (blue, navy or white) or oxford shirts (white or blue), khaki or black pants, and for girls, khaki, black or plaid skirts. Young men must wear a belt every day. Solid color sweaters and quarter zips in cougar blue (light blue), navy, black, grey, or white may be worn over the top of a school uniform shirt.

Footwear & Access​ories

All footwear must be closed-toe with a heel strap for safety reasons.  The following types of footwear are NEVER allowed: flip-flops or flip-flop style shoes/sandals, Birkenstock sandals, Crocs, athletic sandals or slides, bedroom slippers, nor outdoor boots.

In order to protect the floor in the gymnasium, shoes used for athletic or extracurricular activities in the gym must not be worn for any other purpose.

Socks and hosiery are not required.

Students may wear jewelry and accessories of their choice with the following exceptions: gang paraphernalia, wallet chains, overly large or otherwise distracting accessories, and large purses or backpacks may not be carried to classes, they should be stowed in lockers.

Dress Up Attire

Dress up attire is reserved special occasions. The modesty rule will be strictly enforced.

Specifically, on a dress up day, young men must wear a shirt and tie, or be in uniform. Young women may wear sweaters or blouses, blazers, knee length or longer skirts or dress slacks, or be in uniform.

Dress Down Attire

(all half-days unless that day is designated as a Mass day, and other days announced by the administrator)

This attire must comply with normal day dress with the following exceptions:

  • Students may wear any shirt that is clean, modest and neat (no clothing that is torn, cut, patched or over/under-sized, halter or tank tops).
  • Students may wear denim jeans or sweatpants (No distracting designs, torn jeans, leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, yoga pants or any other form fitting clothing ).
  • Students may wear hats or bandanas but teachers reserve the right to have the headwear removed during class.

My Aplus Uniform Clothing

Shirts & Tops

Young women

  • Short-sleeve oxford
  • Long-sleeve oxford - colors: white, blue
  • Short-sleeve Peter Pan knit
  • Long-sleeve Peter Pan knit - colors: white, blue

Young men

  • Short-sleeve oxford
  • Long-sleeve oxford
  • colors: white, blue

Young women & men

  • Mesh polo (short-sleeve)
  • Mesh polo (long-sleeve)
  • colors: white, classic navy, chambray blue

Pants & Skirts

Young women

  • Solid pleated or a-line skirt worn to the knee - colors:  khaki, black and school plaid
  • Elastic waist chinos
  • Plain front pants
  • Pleated chinos - colors: khaki, black
  • Stretch flare chinos - colors: khaki


Young men

  • Pleated chinos (blend) - colors: khaki, black
  • All-cotton pleated chinos
  • Plain front chinos
  • Cargo chinos - colors: khaki
  • A belt must be worn with all styles of men's pants.

Local Retail Store:

My Aplus Uniforms

3320 Saginaw Hwy

Lansing, MI 48917