Courses within each of our disciplines center on six main threads. These are communication, research, stewardship, critical thinking/problem-solving, quality discernment, and being a follower of Jesus. Outcomes for each course are related to these in some fashion.

Grading Scale

A 4.0 92-100%
A- 3.67 90-91%
B+ 3.33 88-89%
B 3.00 82-87%
B- 2.67 80-81%
C+ 2.33 78-79%
C 2.00 72-77%
C- 1.67 70-71%
D+ 1.33 68-69%
D 1.00 62-67%
D- 0.67 60-61%
E 0.00 0-59%

Graduation Requirements

All Students must successfully complete 24 credits in the following areas:

Theology 4.0 Credits
English 4.0 Credits
Mathematics 4.0 Credits
Science 3.0 Credits
Social Studies 3.0 Credits
Fine Arts 1.0 Credit
Physical Education 0.5 Credit
World Languages 2.0 Credit (2 years of the same language)
Health 0.5 Credit
Speech 0.5 Credit
Electives 1.5 Credits


Academic Honors

Courses are not weighted in the determination of GPA or class rank. A Cum Laude system for academic honor recognition is in place starting with the graduating class of 2016 that replaced the top 10% program that Lansing Catholic had been utilizing. Honors for seniors will be determined by the 7th semester cumulative grade point average according to the following scale: Summa Cum Laude (3.9 to 4.0), Magna Cum Laude (3.75 to 3.89), Cum Laude (3.5 to 3.74). Cum Laude status will be printed on the high school transcript as well as the diploma that is issued to the student. Honor cords for Summa Cum Laude students will be presented at the Baccalaureate Awards ceremony in May.

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of Graduates attend the College of their Choice
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Over $10 Million in College Scholarships Last Year
80 service hours
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