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Giving Opportunities

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Gift Opportunities at Lansing Catholic

For most of us, when asked to make a gift to our favorite charity, we usually think of an immediate cash gift. We are preparing to launch a new Make A Gift page with online giving accessibility.  In the meantime, we would be happy to accept your gifts over the phone or in person.  To make a gift, please contact Jean Morgan, Director of Development at or 517.267.2114.

Gifts of Time and Talent

It has been said that volunteers make the world go round! Well, if not the world, they certainly make most things easier and more successful. At Lansing Catholic High School, volunteers are the soul of our operation. Without the generous gifts of time and talent from so many of our alumni, families and friends, we simply could not get the job done. There are many ways to share your time and talents with our school. You could choose to share your expertise in the classroom by serving as a guest speaker or tutor; on the filed as an assistant coach or manager. Perhaps leadership and organizational skills are your forte; our many special events, extracurricular activities, parent groups and more need talents like yours. Opportunities are plentiful and the rewards great. Together, we make Lansing Catholic the best it can be.

Volunteer - YOU are the difference! Complete our volunteer form to choose a way to make a difference at Lansing Catholic. We will be in touch to help you put your talents to work!

Long Term and Planning Giving

Long Term Giving - Gifts made over time for specific purposes, such as those made during building campaigns like the Vision 20/20 Campaign. These gifts usually begin with a pledge and are followed by a defined payment over a specified time period.

Planned Giving - These gifts are commonly part of a will and can provide significant dollars for our school. Planned gifts are a major factor in building long term stability for Lansing Catholic High School. Please contact Jean Morgan, Director of Development at or 517.267.2114 to learn more.

Individual and Organization Gifts

Individual and Organization Gifts - An individual or organization can make a gift to Lansing Catholic High School at any time and in many ways, such as cash, check, credit/debit card, and online.

Gifts can be made to Vision 20/20 Campaign, the Lansing Catholic Annual Fund, or the Father Mac Tuition Assistance Fund. 

Gifts may also be given to in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone special on their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Gifts can be planned to reflect the individual donor’s interests and to accommodate tax situations. Contact Jean Morgan at or 517.267.2114 for more information.

Gift Types

Lansing Catholic Annual Fund Gifts

Lansing Catholic Annual Fund gifts help make up the difference between tuition revenues and the increasing costs of running a quality Catholic high school. These dollars help fund student financial aid, support services, faculty salaries, academic programs, facilities and grounds maintenance and much more.  Annual Fund gifts, raised each year from alumni, parents, corporations, and friends of Lansing Catholic, help us meet our current operating expenditures. Lansing Catholic Annual fund gifts are typically cash gifts paid in a lump sum or in installments.

Matching Gifts

Participating companies match (sometimes as much as four times) the amount of dollars their employees or retirees give to Lansing Catholic High School.  Please contact your Human Resource representative to ask if your company provides matching gifts for charity.  For more information on how matching gifts work, please visit here.

Memorial Gifts

Any gift can be made in Honor of a special person (mother, father) or special event (birthday, anniversary) or in Memory of a deceased relative, classmate, or friend. Memorial gifts can be made at any time and in any amount. Please contact Jean Morgan, Director of Development at or 517.267.2114 to discuss the many options available.

Planned or Deferred Gifts - St. John Paul the Great Legacy Society

Long-term gifts to an organization are called planned or deferred gifts. The use of such gifts is postponed until a specified future date. An example of a planned gift would be naming Lansing Catholic High School as a beneficiary in one’s Will. This reduces the size of the taxable portion of an estate and can lower federal estate tax liability. Other forms of planned gifts include trusts, life insurance policies, transfers of residence and personal property, and remainder gifts.

Gifts such as these help secure Lansing Catholic’s future providing significant assets that continue to gift our high school for years to come. A planned gift is an opportunity to create a legacy, to leave a very personal mark on Lansing Catholic High School. 

Planned gifts can be designated for a specific fund.

Please contact Jean Morgan, Director of Development at or 517.267.2114 for more information.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts of services, equipment, materials and products are graciously accepted. Please contact the Development Office for more information about opportunities of this nature.

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