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Lansing Catholic Annual Fund

Lansing Catholic Annual Fund Appeal

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We begin each school year filled with hope and determination to make it the best it can be. It is with the same degree of hope and determination that we open our Lansing Catholic Annual Fund Appeal, a vital part of our school’s continued success.

For more than 100 years, Catholic high schools in the mid-Michigan area have educated thousands of young people, preparing them to be productive citizens and people of Faith. Together we have crafted a proud tradition; one that continues to thrive, thanks to the hard work, commitment, sacrifice and generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, administrators and friends of our school. Your help too is needed so that we can continue to do what we do best!

Annual Fund dollars are already being put to good use and their impact can be seen throughout our building. Your help is needed now to preserve this proud legacy.

At Lansing Catholic, we are challenged to continue our journey to build and nurture a community that doesn’t quit. A community that…

  • Strives for Excellence in all we do
  • Commits to the values of our Catholic Faith
  • Serves as Jesus did
  • Works together to preserve and strengthen the Traditions that make us who we are

We firmly believe that we can and will meet this challenge but we need your help to be successful. Please don’t delay. Join us in keeping Lansing Catholic strong by making your gift to the Lansing Catholic Annual Fund Appeal today. YOU are the DIFFERENCE!

Make an online gift today!