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Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Student use of technology must be in accord with the educational and spiritual mission of Lansing Catholic High School.  School employees will take reasonable steps to ensure that student use of technology and information access through technology (such as the internet) is consistent with this mission. However, ultimate responsibility for their actions rests solely with the student, keeping focused on the use of technology as a tool to further educational goals.  Students will be issued a school email account. Violation of Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines will result in the loss of privileges and possible disciplinary action under the school discipline code. All electronic devices used between 8 a.m.-3 p.m. are for educational use only. This includes during homeroom, passing periods, and lunch.

The Acceptable Use Policy can be found in our Student Handbook.


LCHS is committed to forming our students in 21st century skills while upholding the demands of the Gospel.  Our goals are to help students discern when it is appropriate to use and not use technology, to properly use technology and social media, and to develop the skills they need to be a productive digital citizens as well as faithful disciples.

Inviting students to bring in personally owned devices (POD’s) that they are familiar with, allows other students to have greater access to devices available in the media center to use during the school day.  During the school year, students will not be required to provide mobile technology at school.  There will be a limited amount of portable devices in the library that a student may reserve for in-school use only.

  • Mobile devices such as laptops, e-readers, and tablets are approved devices for use during the school day.  Smartphones and iPods (of any kind) are NOT allowed during the school day.  Laptops, e-readers and tablet devices are generally of a size that allows teachers to adequately supervise their use in the classroom. 
  • Regardless of what device is used, students must use the LCHS wireless network to gain internet access for appropriate filtering regardless of whose device is being used.
  • Teachers reserve the right to limit the use of technology in the classroom

Lansing Catholic 5-Year Technology Plan

5-Year Technology Plan