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Senior Appreciation Mass & Brunch

Senior Appreciation Mass & Brunch is scheduled for 8:05 a.m., Friday, May 8, 2015 at LCHS gymnasium. 

This is our last all school Mass with our senior class.  The seniors and parents are the guests of honor, as we say farewell to the graduating Class of 2015. 

Event details for seniors:  Seniors and parents attend this event.  Space is limited for seating in the gym for Mass and in the cafeteria for brunch.  Students and parents are to arrive by 7:45 a.m. and gather in the auditorium.  During the entrance procession for Mass, seniors and parent enter the gym together and are seated in chairs on the gym floor.  At the conclusion of Mass, seniors and parents are invited to brunch in the cafeteria.  Seating is limited in the cafeteria, therefore siblings of graduating students are not allowed to attend brunch.  Seniors are free to leave school at the conclusion of brunch.