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Student Senate

About Student Senate

Student Senate is comprised of each class' President and Vice President, general student representatives (appointed by the moderator), as well as a President and Vice President of Student Senate itself.  Elections are held a couple of weeks before the end of the school year.  Students serve a minimum of one school year and may run for re-election each year.  

Student Senate meets every two weeks and plays an important role in our school community.

What is the mission of Student Senate?

  • To foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being of the student body.
  • To serve as representatives to the administration on behalf of the student body.

Student Senate takes a leadership role among students in helping put our school's mission into practice.  Members will engage in prayer and discernment, as well as leadership training in order to better fulfill this important role.

Moderators: Mr. Ben Pohl & Mr. Andrew Smith: &