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Activities & Clubs

Clubs & Organizations

Below are the various clubs and activities offered this year at Lansing Catholic.  Additional clubs and activities can be established at any time during the year.

How do I start a new club or activity?

  • Email Mr. Ben Pohl or stop by his office to discuss your idea.  All clubs must be in line with our mission statement, helping students grow in one or more ways: spiritually, intellectually, and/or socially.  All clubs are subject to approval by the administration.

Club List


Evergreen Club

Homeless Night

Homeroom Mentors

International Club

International Travel

Intramural Basketball

Jazz Band

Knitting Club

Latin Club

Lights and Sound Crew

Liturgical Ministry (Readers, Servers, EM's)

Mobile Food Pantry Committee

Mass Music Ministry

National Honor Society

P.A.L.s (Peer Assistance Leaders)

Prayer Partners

Quiz Bowl/Quiz Busters


Romance Languages

Sisters (Women's Group)

Spanish Club

Stratford Trip

Student Fundraiser Committee

Student Senate

Students for Life

Tabletop Game Club

Warriors (Men's Group)

Water Polo

Work-a-Thon Committee