• To assist the administration in the formulation of a long-range strategic plan;
  • To monitor the strategic plan and review objectives for possible policy;
  • To assist the administration in the formulation of policy to guide academic, student, business, development, and faith community affairs.


  • To assist the Board and school administration in establishing long-range strategic goals, based on an appropriate assessment and analysis in light of the program’s mission statement and annual assumptions;
  • To monitor the progress of the strategic plan (goals and objectives) (ongoing);
  • To report to the Board (formally, in writing) the progress of yearly objectives (quarterly);
  • To develop annual assumptions concerning the internal and external environments surrounding the educational ministries (January);
  • To receive from other committees recommendations for next year’s planning objectives (February);
  • To make recommendations to the Board on all planning objectives for the next year;
  • To draft with the Executive Committee and the school administration an annual report which reviews and summarizes the successes, concerns and hopes for the educational ministries (May, June).


  • To review with the principal the annual planning objectives for possible policy implications;
  • To research and draft policy language to submit to the Board;
  • To conduct consultation on proposed policy, as appropriate;
  • To call for the evaluation of newly promulgated policy (usually 6-9 months later);
  • To review annually with the principal all policies for timelines and appropriateness to the school program (fall).


  • Stephanie Kramer, Chair
  • Dominic Iocco
  • Mandy Wildern
  • Ed Tillett