• To provide overall Board leadership and coordination of Board functions and responsibilities;
  • To act as liaison with the school administration and Board.
  • To create a process for recruiting new Board members and to design and implement a process for the selection of Board officers;
  • To ensure the strength of the Board and the implementation of its responsibilities by providing appropriate orientations, in-service training and evaluations.
  • To formulate and propose to the Board, policies and plans which will ensure that the school maintains and enhances its identity as Catholic and carries out its mission;
  • To work with the administration and through the administration, with the staff and faculty on programs designed to publicly enhance the Catholic character and identity of the school.


  • To form the Board meeting agenda;
  • To monitor the Board calendar;
  • To make decisions;
  • To support the president/principal;
  • To be leaders of the Board;
  • To determine annually the membership needs of the Board;
  • To actively recruit potential nominees;
  • To present to the Board at its annual meeting a list of candidates for Board membership;
  • To work with the school administration and Board leadership in preparing and conducting informational meetings for Board nominees;
  • To provide for Board member orientation and training with the Committee on Trustees;
  • To provide for annual Board evaluation (self-evaluation, owner and chief administrator);
  • To ensure that all standing and ad hoc committees have written committee charges.
  • To assist in formulating policies which will enhance the Catholic identity of the school;
  • To participate in strategic planning in a way which will ensure the Catholic identity of the school;
  • To participate with the school administration in publicly proclaiming and enhancing the Catholic identity and mission of the school;
  • To plan and coordinate the annual Board retreat dealing with Catholic identity and mission effectiveness.


  • Mary Lou Heberlein
  • Jeff Fineis
  • Dominic Iocco