"I love Lansing Catholic High School because it feels like my second home. All the students and staff are like family to me. I love how every day I am learning but I and also growing as a person and growing in my faith." -Student, LCHS class of 2021

As a student at Lansing Catholic High School you will be part of a community of people who care about you as an individual and who strive to help you grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

NEW for the 2020-2021 School Year - Online Application, Enrollment, & Tuition Payments!

1) Apply Now

  • Create a Parent Account and complete the Online Application for your student
  • (If you have already set up a parent account and started an application for your student, but need to complete it, please click here to login to your account.)
  • Upload your student's statement of why he/she wants to attend LCHS, immunization records, & birth certificate into the online application
  • Submit the application packet and $30 application fee online

2) Get Accepted

  • The first set of acceptance letters are sent in January.  
  • Families are notified of acceptances by mail and email.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until our freshmen class is full.
  • Acceptances are conditional on the successful completion of 8th grade, 8th grade teacher recommendations, and attendance & disciplinary records from middle school.

3) Enroll & Register

  • Complete & Submit the Online Enrollment Packet and pay $125 enrollment fee online
  • Registration appointments take place throughout February and March.
  • Available dates and times for registration meetings are mailed with acceptance letters and a sign up link is sent by email.
  • Registration Meetings
    • Families meet individually with LCHS staff to determine next year’s class schedule, and create a four year plan for academic, spiritual, social, and service opportunities at registration meetings.
    • LCHS will also verify that you have submitted your online enrollment packet at this meeting
  • After March 13, 2020, families need to contact our counseling office directly to select classes:

Learn More - Video Presentations

Timeline for Incoming 9th Graders

  • December - Application information is mailed & emailed to families with 8th graders
  • December, January, February, & March - Applications submitted online & Acceptance letters along with enrollment and registration information are mailed and emailed to families who have applied
  • February & March - 8th grade families complete the online enrollment packet and then meet individually with LCHS staff for registration appointments to determine next year's class schedule and create a four year plan for academic, spiritual, social, and service opportunities.
  • March 1  - Financial Assistance Priority Deadline  (This is a priority deadline to be  eligible for the maximum number of scholarships. Families will still be considered after this deadline, but will miss out on some scholarship opportunities.)
  • July TBA - Course Schedules are set and families can view final schedules on Skyward
  • July & August TBA - Chromebook Orientations
  • July 29, 2020, 6pm-8pm - Meet the Cougars Open House for incoming 9th graders and their parents
  • August 20, 2020 - Freshman Parent Orientation (for parents only)
  • August 21, 2020 - 9th Grade Student Orientation (for students only)
  • August 24, 2020 - 1st Day of School!

Helpful Links

Placement Testing

Lansing Catholic HS does not currently require a placement test for admittance. Acceptance into our 9th grade class is conditional on the successful completion of 8th grade.  We ask 8th grade teachers to make course recommendations for English and Math classes based on the student’s current class, grades, work ethic, and quality of work.

Bypassing Algebra 1 – Traditionally, 9th graders take Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 1 at LCHS. If your student is taking a complete Algebra 1 course in 8th grade, then your student has the option to test to bypass Algebra 1 at LCHS.

  • Testing dates & times: August 5 & 12, 2020 at 9:00am-11:30am
  • 2020 - SIGN UP HERE for the Algebra 1 By-Pass Test
  • The Algebra 1 by-pass exams are the same exams that our students in regular Algebra 1 at LCHS take.
  • Students have up to 70 minutes to complete each exam and there are no exam re-takes.
  • Students who score 80% or higher on each exam are eligible to bypass Algebra 1 and register for Honors Geometry in 9th grade and be considered for Honors Algebra 2 in 10th grade.
  • Students who score over 70% on each exam are eligible to bypass Algebra 1 and register for regular Geometry in 9th grade and will take regular Algebra 2 in 10th grade.
  • Students who score between 70% and 80% on the bypass exams and who intend to take Honors Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus in the future should take Honors Algebra 1 or double up by taking Honors Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry in 9th grade to build a stronger algebra foundation needed for future honors mathematics courses. Students who intend to take honors level course should be hardworking, independent thinkers who excel at and enjoy mathematics.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Algebra 1 at LCHS
  • Detailed Objectives for the Algebra 1 Course
  • Contact Math Dept. Chair, Mrs. Gina Hipple with any questions:

Testing into an advanced level Spanish – Contact Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Luz Fell for more information regarding testing into an advanced level of Spanish:

Testing into an advanced level French – Contact French Teacher, Ms. Katelyn Sorenson at for more information regarding testing into an advanced level of French:

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