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2017 Christmas Wish List

Each year our faculty and staff create a wish list to share with the Lansing Catholic community.  See below to view this year's list.  If you have any questions, or would like to make a Wish List donation, please contact Jean Morgan, 517-267-2114 or

2017 Wish List

Department Item Number Needed  Cost  
Mathematics simple calculators  60 $1 each or $60 total  
Foreign Language: Latin Edith Hamilton's "Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes" 15-20  $10-15 each 
Admissions Display Easels for Admissions Events 4 $50 each or $200 total         
Art Clay (4) $22 each
Erasers (60) total $40
Colored pencil pack $180
Clay rollers $50
See list  See list 
CAP Center Medicine balls 6 $45 for 8 lbs and $50 for 10 lbs 
Theology "From Nothing to Cosmos: God and Science" video series from the Magis Center. 1 $50.00 each 
Science Open-ended resonance tube kits for Physics of sound lab. 6 $25.00 each 
Science Tuning set for Physics of sound lab and demonstrations 1 $100.00 each 
Science Sonic Flame tube for Physics of sound demonstration 1 $90.00 each 
Science Sonic Flame tube speaker for Physic's of sound demonstration 1 $50.00 each 
Science 3-D standing wave generator for Quantum Wave Theory demonstration 1 $45.00 each 
Science Analytical Scales for Chemistry and Physics Lab 2 $525.00 each  
Campus Ministry Scholarship assistance for students who would like to participate in a mission trip. Any amount would be welcome to offset costs. 10 $350.00 cost of 1 trip 
Business Office Letter folder 1 $569.00 each 
Development Floor stand with display banner 4 $160.00 each 
Campus Ministry Sound Machine 1 $50.00
Chemistry Periodic table wall chart 1 $65.00 each 
Choir Concert performance uniforms - tuxedos 40 $100.00 each 
Choir Concert performance uniforms - dresses 20 $60.00 each 
Music Sheet music for solo and ensemble 12 Range of $10.00 - $20.00 each