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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The Lansing Catholic High School community forms students spiritually, intellectually, and socially into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  

2017-18 Spiritual Theme

Sit at His feet and listen to Him - Luke 10:38-42

This year's spiritual theme comes from the Gospel story of Martha and Mary.  The story is very personal, set in the home of Martha and Mary.  We receive only a glimpse of what took place that day, but what we do know is pivotal for our lives as Christians.  Jesus tells us that though our lives are filled with many anxieties and worries, "There is only one thing necessary."  That "one thing" is to sit at His feet and listen to Him.

Today, Jesus challenges us to prioritize our relationship with Him and the time we spend with Him in prayer.  When we do so, we expand our capacity to receive more of His love, His joy, His many gifts, and His mission for us here on earth.

Below are ways that some Lansing Catholic students will be doing just that:

Putting Our Theme Into Practice

  • Sunday Readings Reflection - A couple of students are putting together an email list to send to their classmates with reflection questions on the Sunday readings.
  • Friday Phone Fast - A group of students will be fasting from checking their phones during the day on Friday to help them be more attentive to Jesus' voice throughout the day.
  • Retreats - Our freshmen, sophomore, and junior day retreats are built around our theme.

How will you sit at His feet and listen to Him this school year?