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Placement Testing

Lansing Catholic HS does not currently require a placement test for admittance. Acceptance into our 9th grade class is conditional on the successful completion of 8th grade.  We ask 8th grade teachers to make course recommendations for English and Math classes based on the student’s current class, grades, work ethic, and quality of work.

Testing out of Algebra 1 – More information about testing out of Algebra 1 can be found here. Contact Math Dept. Chair, Mrs. Gina Saucedo at if you have any questions about testing out of  Algebra 1 or to register your student for a testing date and time if your student is taking a complete Algebra 1 course in 8th grade.

First semester Algebra 1 testing: Monday, January 23 at 3:15pm or  Wednesday, January 25 at 3:15pm.

Second semester Algebra 1 testing: Wednesday, June 7 at 12:00pm or Thursday, June 8 at 12:00pm.

Testing out of Spanish – Contact Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Luz Fell at for more information regarding testing out of Spanish or into an advanced level of Spanish.

Testing out of French– Contact French Teacher, Mrs. Anne Hope at for more information regarding testing out of French or into an advanced level of French.