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International Students

Are you an international student interested in attending LCHS?

All new international students who would like to attend LCHS for the 2017-2018 school year should apply in January, February,  or March of 2017 through one of the following companies: CIEE, FLAG or DMD PHP. These companies work with international students from countries around the world to find high schools in the USA, complete applications, obtain visas, test English language skills, find host families, and obtain insurance.  International students are accepted into grades 9, 10, & 11 and may attend one semester, one school year, or multiple school years at Lansing Catholic High School. A graduation diploma is not guaranteed for international students, but is possible to obtain depending on credits earned from previous high school experience.  Please contact CIEE, FLAG or DMD PHP through their websites:

CIEE:  (click “Apply Now” to contact CIEE and include “Lansing Catholic” in your message to CIEE)



Is your family interested in hosting an international student who attends LCHS?

Contact CIEE, FLAG or DMD PHP through their websites listed above and include "Lansing Catholic" in your message to the companies. Most companies provide host families with a monthly stipend.