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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The Lansing Catholic High School community forms students spiritually, intellectually, and socially into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  

2016-17 Spiritual Theme

“Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” - Matthew 14:27

These words were spoken by Jesus to His disciples as a he approached them, walking on water.  As their boat tossed and turned amidst strong waves, they saw a figure approach them on the waves whom they thought to be a ghost, "and they cried out in fear."  It is at this very moment that Jesus spoke the words of this year's spiritual theme to His disciples.  It is these words and Jesus' invitation, "Come," that gave the Apostle Peter the courage to step out of the boat and to begin to walk on water.

It is the word of the Lord and His grace that allow us to "get out of the boat" and take a step of faith at many key moments in our lives.  When we do so, we are enabled to do things we otherwise could not have done, to live under the influence of the power of God, to "walk on water."

About Our Theme

  • Each week students will hear a "courage quote" from our school's patron, St. John Paul the Great.
  • Stories of courage are shared weekly through our daily broadcast.
  • Our freshmen and sophomore day retreats are built around our theme.
  • And many more great things happening throughout the school year!